About us

The Women Farmers Association of Kenya (WoFaAK) is the national umbrella organization of women farmers in Kenya. WoFaAK is a non-political, non-government and non-religious member based organization. The association was formed and registered pursuant to the provisions of the Societies Act, Cap 108 laws of Kenya in 2017. The association provides the women farmers of Kenya with a platform to articulate issues affecting them in agriculture. The goal of WoFaAK is to address issues that impede women farmers from undertaking both profitable and sustainable agricultural enterprises with a view to improve their livelihoods. Agriculture is largely undertaken by women, particularly the production segment of the value chain. The WoFaAK therefore seeks to empower the women farmers to sustainably increase food and nutrition security, and incomes through her three pillars of ‘Capacity building, Mentorship and Entrepreneurship development (wealth creation)’. The objectives include; – women farmers’ mobilization, organization and capacity building to undertake viable farm enterprises.

WoFaAK was founded in 2017 following the realization that women farmers interests in agriculture were often not taken into consideration in agriculture development and policy formulation. As such, despite playing a critical role in the agricultural sector, the benefit that stream to them is meager hence remain poor and marginalized.

WoFaAK mandate is in line with the global development targets ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ with the organization focus areas mainly being on SDG[1] 1, 2, 3 and 5. It also contributes to the realization of New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD’s) Pan African Policy Framework (Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP)) that aims at ensuring growth and transformation of the agricultural sector which cannot be realized if women are excluded. The Association pillars are anchored on the country’s development blueprint ‘Vision 2030’ social and economic pillars, which seeks to transform the country into middle income industrialized country.


Empowered women farmers with a strong voice and benefiting from agriculture


To build capacity of women farmers in Kenya to sustainably increase food and nutrition security, and incomes

  1. Institutional development and strengthening of WoFaAK to carry out its mandate
  2. To establish and strengthen women farmers’ platforms to articulate their issues, share experiences and network
  3. To enhance women farmers entrepreneurial skills for increased profitability
  4. Provide mentorship to women farmers particularly young women to undertake agricultural investment
  5. To enhance the resilience of women farmers to climate change through climate smart agriculture