WoFaAK management

WoFaAK management is organized into two arms:

  1. Governance organ headed by a chairperson
  2. Secretariat headed by a Chief Executive Officer

An intermediary to the two is the technical advisory arm that advises the board and the secretariat by offering strategic advice aimed at position WoFaAK strategically globally, regionally and nationally in efforts to ensure women’s voice in agriculture are heard and enable women to gainfully participate in agriculture.

Boards of Directors

This is the governing organ of WoFaAK that comprised of seven persons elected by members. They are the organization’s policy makers and set the direction for the association to achieve its objectives, annual plans in accordance with the Vision and the Mission.


This comprises of the secretariat that is mandated to execute the decisions agreed upon by the governing organs of the organization on a day to day basis.                                  

The organizational chart given below represents the hierarchy of power though it is subject to the changes applicable and inevitable to the organization’s success.